Plasma Rich Protein (PRP)

Hair restoration: 

Alopecia, (hair loss) is devastating to both men and women. At times the loss is genetic and age related while others are from stressors, exposures and health processes. After a thorough assessment and assuring causative factors are eliminated and health conditions are managed, the discussion of PRP hair restoration begins. At WELL we can enhance the air restoration process with regenerative medicine. This procedure combines the science of regenerative medicine to promote hair quality by increasing hair thickness as well as number of hair follicles. 

Facial Rejuvenation and Facial Fillers: 

This technique utilizes the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs of regenerative medicine and skin care technology. Combining micro-needling, hyaluronic acid dermal injections and platelet-rich plasma with growth factors, and cytokines. Facial rejuvenation may be effective by eliminating fine lines and adding volume where needed for a natural, non-surgical youthful look. This procedure is ideal for those hoping to enhance the appearance of aging skin. 

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