Medical Weight Loss

We understand that there are multiple factors that play a role in your nutrition and body weight, which is why we use an approach to weight loss that focuses on all components not just nutrition and exercise. Psychological, emotional, and biochemical can have significant contribution to difficulty with weight loss.

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At WELL & Company, we want to make our services affordable because we know the health benefits of weight loss and what obtaining a healthy body weight can do for you and your overall wellbeing.

Initial Visit: $250 (includes the following)

  • Comprehensive weight loss history and physical examination with one of our providers
  • EKG (electrocardiogram)
  • Labs: Blood profile to evaluate for metabolic and/or endocrine factors that may be involved in, or affected by, your current weight issues
  • Receive your individualized treatment plan that will optimize your likelihood for successful weight management
  • Arrange appropriate follow up visits so that your progress can be monitored and managed

***Please note the cost of the initial visit does not include any medications that may be prescribed or any additional labs or testing that may occasionally be necessary.

Follow Up Visits: $80

Generally, we encourage follow up visits with the provider during the active weight loss phase monthly, will last approximately 30 minutes.